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first_imgThe year 2020 was a year straight out of a thriller movie or for some a nightmarish encounter. Civil unrests across the globe to fires engulfing major parts of the world however it took a global pandemic to bring the world to stand still. With the entire country going under lockdown, many found it difficult to make ends meet. The economy which still is walking on broken glass has very little options to truly help truly sustain.Amid the constant approval and discredit of vaccines, the common man’s hope for a vaccine for Covid 19 stands dwindled. In this era of information and misinformation overload,  vaccines have been the hot topic for a while. In India with Covishield and Oxford vaccine in the race for getting a green flag there’s another set of individuals who are on a mission to get their way through into your bank accounts which in reality is a Big Red Flag.On numerous accounts, people have reported on receiving a cold call where the caller has requested for vital information such as Aadhar Card Identification Number or else to pay a sum of Rs. 500. In both isolated scenarios people from all across India have reported the case to their respective Cyber Crime Cell of the State Police Department. In the vigil of such cases, the Cyber Crime authorities have issued a warning stating no such procedure has yet been implemented by the Centre or State governments for the issuance of vaccines for citizens.As per the Government Of India, it is currently is going ahead with the dry runs in the big cities. Considering there is no information or formal statement on when it will be available for the common masses it is highly unlikely that any Government body/official would contact individuals without authentic disclosure regarding the same in the public domain. It is advisable to report any such source of communication to your local Police authorities or lodge a complaint online at Cyber Crime cell cybercrime.gov.inDo share it with your family and friends to create awareness against such fraudulent activities which might cost you your life savings or important personal information.last_img read more

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