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first_imgMay in the cold darkness of the many nights that have shrouded your life,The Silver magic of your Moon brim your heart with such glory-filled lustre and joy,That you, my beloved, walk the many misty paths of peril in the light of the splendour of your soul,So beautiful, So serene, So bright…When those who walk with you through the darkness with your light,But leave, having purloined yours with them,Darkness will surround you once again with such hostile and malevolent gustsBut you, my beloved will set your torch with the fire of your own valour;So strong, so brilliant, so invincible …When troubled clouds fill your skies with slashing thunderstorm and rain,I shall always, my beloved, protect you through my umbrella of love.When you lose yourself to the paths of hostility, betrayals, and violence,Paths that will extinguish your flame of hope,I shall always, my beloved, be your wavering candle through this darkness,So dark, so dreary, so obscure …May when evil times have befallen,The sacred blow of the conch of your power of trust and love ward it all away …When they laugh, those fellow voyagers in your path,At your weaker legs, arms and speech,When they stare and say demeaning words to you,When they taunt you, and push you off those paths,And deny you of joy and judice,Set fire to their foolishness, my beloved,And embrace yourself …But you, my love, will be the winner after all,In the path of humanity, while the others in their own, of shrewdness, malice, career, money..For that is all we know…You my dear, with that inextinguishable flame of your purity , love, compassion, care and trustA flame so rare,Devoid, so blissfully of any hatred and jealousyAre the winner…last_img read more

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