The first half of 360 search transcripts share commercial speed slow growth

3B war seems to be no losers. The first half of the 360 search on-line, and did not die in the competition, but slowly increase the market share gradually stronger; and the love of Shanghai is not a sign of weakness, rely on the advantages of a strong system, maintain the stability of market share.

Sina and Zhang Nan

Hitwise, 360 comprehensive search market share has been slowly rising, as of March has reached 11.97%, over the same period, love Shanghai search market share has improved, reaching 78.55%.

Hiswise through further study found that according to the stage of commercialization and different modes of cooperation, different website flow ratio obtained from love Shanghai and 360 comprehensive search is also more obvious differences.

The commercial operation of

Merrill Lynch analyst Wang Chao (sound) long ago in Taipei and met with 360 executives, according to its sources, Google’s advertising system only got 1/3 of the traffic, and lower priority than the independent advertising system, at the same time, the 360 also blocked from Google’s advertising system.


360 search from the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2012, the keyword advertising system in cooperation with Google and launched independent 360 dotting marketing platform, and recruiting agencies and advertisers in the country.

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360 commercial search speed

Hiswise randomly selected some well-known Web site search traffic share were compared in two different search engines. Users exhibit strong tendency to use love in search of Shanghai electricity supplier, news, Sohu, Jingdong and Taobao mall was significantly higher than the average in Shanghai the share of love.

The latest monitoring data released by

another data monitoring agency CNZZ data further proved the trend, according to the CNZZ monitoring, since the release of the 360 search market share has been slowly rising in October 9th last year, the share of about 9.86%, December 9th to 10.4%, in February 9th of this year reached 11.89%, reaching 14.87% in April 9th.

as the representative of the Jingdong to the mall, search marketing is more mature and strong willingness to invest in the website to get more traffic in the sea. Some sites such as Ctrip and where to go because of the love of Shanghai capital, pay more attention to through in-depth cooperation and layout and 360 comprehensive search, so in 360 the search gets a higher proportion of traffic.

but love over the same period, Shanghai’s market share has not declined, has been maintained at around 65%, indicating that 360 search failed to erode Shanghai’s market share of love, but ate Sogou, soso, Google, Youdao, search engine market share, the market concentration further enhance the search engine market is gradually formed a big one the two small commander of the situation.

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