Did you make some of the details of the optimization in the station

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cup that website internal links website like blood, must be smooth, if blocked, some functions will hamper the website will show some bad expression, leading to the normal operation of the website, and ill is the same reason, not do what they should do. Internal optimization is also pursuing the details, as long as the details of the optimization work related, make more in line with the rules of search engine, this combination of the chain in the lane, will soon be able to have a good ranking.

when do internal links, the site of the internal links we usually encountered is the basic, and a 404 page Jump problem. You can make this page and have made the navigation page, then users can choose their own search for love, the content of interest and after entering the 404 page.


believe that many have seen similar methods how to obtain the chain; how to obtain the chain will be better; and where is the best place to send the chain; many people pay attention to the chain, often it is easy to ignore in the chain, then this cup and we exchange the site within the chain the problem, if the site of the internal links do not well, external links is good, you can not reach the ideal effect.

3. is a daily check of your Links look have the right to be reduced, if Links in right down, then you should contact the webmaster to identify the reasons for further communication, when necessary to return Links, etc. the other side handle, then Links link back. Or invalid links to quickly repair, do not rule out some disloyal webmaster do friendship connection secretly removed a chain, so we unilaterally a chain of website of the other side is meaningless.

1. do sitemap, either Shanghai or noble love baby, with content update to update, to develop good habits, convenient search engines can better capture all the information.

in website optimization, how to do the internal link is a very important aspect. Good internal links should pay attention to the following aspects:

4. key words is very important, in the web sites, for the core keywords to use H1-H5 tags to strengthen the importance, you can also use the < b> < p>, and other methods to highlight the importance of.

2. web site navigation to clear and simple classification, classification should not be too much, as long as the appropriate customer experience can be divided, too many visitors will find trouble. There is also under the category should not be too much, the reason is the same.

6. is the best of each page is a navigation, so you can meet the customer experience, let them better to find the corresponding view columns of information, bread is the same, to meet the good habit of search engine.

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