How do do new sites on the day of the search engines

Links exchange websiteThose who love the Shanghai

how to log how registered here I do not say

(good network name www.haodaming贵族宝贝 A5) first, please indicate. Thank you

webmaster tools other functions are the points again to see if there is no problem what

exchange snapshot day or yesterday, my station is 2 of my friends to help me with the new station, the effect is fine, and Links is hard, ad www.haodaming贵族宝贝 – for Links

next time I tell you how I want to promote my website

submit love Shanghai station

, without the truth



is a content release, without any acquisition, simply do the pseudo original, because only two days do not know how to.

to four search engine submission site, this step is essential, but when I did not submit to the 360 already included the 1 article, I mainly use the browser, Firefox 360.



, 2 to three major search engines, webmaster tools management submitted to verify their own web site (Google, because there is no landing too slow) this is an important step in

because of the internal DZ program without this file, how to do it, love Shanghai has own special tools can be installed in the DZ center to submit application. Figure

The third step: the love of Shanghai

two, how fast included

summary categoryThe contents of

is the three largest search engine I take love sea as an example, the other 2 webmaster tools is roughly the same as that of

The second step: Sitemap ,


to add your website

as the saying goes without the truth, I put the map made up to look at is not true, you can also directly query can use webmaster tools, the domain name bought earlier, but because of the time there has been no station, just add the contents in the local, these days there is time to make the station on the line. Launched in December 30, 2014.

every time they say new Adsense nets sometimes submitted to wait 10 days and a half months, very worried, for a long time not included how to do, how can I get to the promotion, people search my good name network when the other station, this is not counterproductive, according to what I do I have to stand perfect included, next is the original update every day.

This article is The first step of

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