Depth analysis of the enterprise stand optimization how to break the bottleneck to achieve ultra hig

four, to adhere to a heart

three months average love Shanghai index 190, three months with an average of 121 special vehicles, sweeping cars three months with an average of 162, because the three main keyword index I do is almost more than 100 and my other long tail keywords ranking, so every day will directly bring IP up to 300IP, so the enterprise can stand determine the target keywords according to the love of Shanghai index, in addition to popular keywords, such as: Tourism

three, according to the webmaster statistical tools to analyze data

index For example, I often write this The statistical tool

but before I do not know how to find high traffic keywords, through online learning materials, I summed up:

car × × × × × × × × skills to enhance the user experience in our optimization page at the same time, we must remember to take the user as the standard, if you ignore this, then we are equal in vain, because no one clear goals, and still keep going, is doomed to fail, insist on is victory.

the popular love Shanghai statistics, webmaster statistics, 51la and other sites every day will have different data, classify these keywords, see what types of key words every day brings users more. Of course, you can also see from the bidding background, but I used to view from the background traffic statistics. Because the traffic statistics background was introduced in more detail. Consulting analysis of each classification brings key words, that you need to cooperate with the consultants to observe. You can observe the consultation of each word, are selected to increase investment in the word, can increase such related words, and to write articles, creative. How to write creative, this article in the future I will introduce to. Similarly, the conversion rate is low or no conversion words, remove directly from the key words.

What is the main

two, according to the target keywords write users are more concerned about the news


website optimization? Is to insist, means every day for.

, love Shanghai

in domestic small and medium-sized enterprises station daily IP up to about 100IP, how to break the bottleneck on the highest flow? I will take my own station as an example to explain it, I can see the station optimization experience ": I do not know how to mature enterprises a year and a half of bitter experience" Dragon and Phoenix Station in Shanghai yesterday the morning was released in many Shanghai dragon r praise, also have a lot of friends give valuable advice for my confused problem, thanks to A5.

first look at the main keywords my station (Hubei chengli special automobile, car, sweeping) first look at the Hubei process capacity index

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