Regular optimization may also promote the love of Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam mechanism

Not related to

B, the poor correlation between

station correlation is many sites do not pay attention to, often think that their website optimization has been very good, but a lot of articles which may not be ideal, although the quality is very good, but the correlation is not high, this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel ignored, such as the Shanghai dragon blog some other the types of articles, love NBA friends will write a lot of knowledge about NBA, beauty love friends love release beauty types pictures, these articles on the surface seems to be perfectly logical and reasonable, but the real for the user to say there is not much demand for the website, there is no related topics.


website the internal factors of Shanghai Longfeng mainly in terms of content, structure and layout have been pre forming, the content directly affects the optimization of the website, the love of Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam strategy mainly involves two aspects:

A, the article give an irrelevant answer

website title and content, mainly in some aspects of the forum, in addition to others outside the chain of the content, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel use the forum, blog that the site with his station, purely for keyword ranking and the title is around a keyword and content are from the title of the article topic, even a lot of content acquisition some popular articles, which leads to the content of the website spread within a short period of time may be due to the weight of the site, included fast, long tail words can have good ranking, but from the long-term interests, this means is undoubtedly an object of love Shanghai anti spam.

station Two

Shanghai dragon is a kind of popular network marketing, is a form of network marketing is cheap, stable, in the opinion of many Shanghai Longfeng personnel is not very reliable, Shanghai dragon is not stable, because each adjustment algorithm may bring to the website, keywords ranking has ups and downs in the webmaster seems a very unusual thing. Recently, Shanghai issued a Webmaster Platform love love Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam Raiders, resulting in many websites disappeared in people’s field of vision.

love Shanghai launched Web2.0 anti spam Raiders whether has a great influence on the effect of Shanghai dragon, for most web sites may be not great, and some use of the mass of the chain site may hurt will be great, because when the chain is the object of love the Shanghai crackdown; and for some use of formal means "optimization of the webmaster, perhaps some places are ignored, the details do not pay enough attention to the site optimization and let the site right down.


station in addition to the obvious form of cheating, such as using the method of software group, is a light black hat means very obvious, in addition to the more common form, easy to be ignored by us can.

two, outside the station optimizationThe

, a station optimizationThe

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