How to build to meet the demand for the content of search engine

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search engine on a website really so high? In fact, we can see a lot of personal website ranking can on the brand website ranking, and we opened the personal website content will be found: personal website content is also not a lot, so why personal website ranking can be more than the

format, font, size, improve the content of paragraph included strong

search engine?

this involves a search engine for website satisfaction, although part of the personal website content is not very rich, but the personal website content relevance is very high, format, size, font, paragraph, word order, creative and so on has done better than the brand website, this is likely to lead to a part of the personal website ranking over large sites, the following specific talk.

throughout the site, we will find that no matter how to do search engine, also how to do regardless of the needs of users, we just need to do every piece of content on the purpose, most sites are lack of an industry standard consciousness, many webmaster think content on the line, the format, font, the size of paragraphs and are not very important, so we can see a lot of website content is not eat ginseng, the root cause of this phenomenon is the owners do not pay attention, and the search engine is a piece of content is not only want to be included in the correlation, specification search engine will look at the content of the web site, if the specification not in place even if you content again there may be a search engine will not be accepted. The sense of innovation is higher than that of the traditional thinking, search engine friendly

search engine needs content correlation, high correlation value

for search engines, they need a website is what do the theme of what aspects of the content, so a part of your content is too high will cause the attention of the search engine, we can see a number of blog sites over the top portals, such as Lu Songsong’s blog, which a lot of keywords are more than large sites, why? Fundamentally rely on the information in the website, we can go to the analysis of the Shanghai Dragon God blog, they also have to do a lot of optimization, only an independent blog to add some content to seize a lot of ranking, we can see from the importance of the correlation search engine the.

as a search engine, their main purpose is to allow users to search from the search engine to the new knowledge, and knowledge for traditional search engines the desire is not strong, I will give you a very simple example, if the search engine and the content of cold treatment very much, but very little information regarding the treatment of AIDS, this time you update the site in a cold treatment and a cure for AIDS, I dare to tell you the content of AIDS is more likely to be included, because search engines lack this content, whatlacks to make up what this is a person demand >

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