Site optimization must be original or novice should pay more attention to understanding Shanghai Dra

must have a logical relationship, there is no logical relationship between the article, also want to add hard like this "first, second, third……" This place, stressed the need to emphasize the bold, bold place, the attention of the prominent display. Not a long and minute statement without a clear theme.

material greatly in their life and work, such as in an industry, a job period has its own many experiences, will encounter many problems in the course of work, so definitely have problems to solve problems encountered, you can not solve, certainly to consult with others, with their own ideas in the teaching process, so that the solid line in the course of time and can be summed up some valuable experience, then you can put these out for your reference.

3, what to write: the main contents of the text mainly reflected what information;

fourth, to the appropriate length of the soft.

2, what to do: what is the purpose of writing this article;

I think we all know, a short story than a long article more popular. Don’t be a focus around a circle or not to the last. In conclusion the article try to brief.

third, the soft level to meet the reading habits.


4, who wrote: This article main transmission group range? For example: for men and women;

on the Internet to see many novice Shanghai dragon are asking, a new station on the line, what to do, believe that most of the answer is the renewal of the original article. Yes, admittedly, the original article is on the site is good, but the site optimization, it must be original? It must be strict in demands in the content, penny? Is a website how much less? Hundreds of thousands of millions, much too. A person can write how many your thoughts, your opinion? So, I think, in the website optimization, more important is their understanding of website optimization. Can only say that the original is really a good method, but my hope is that new Shanghai dragon who do not walk into a dead end, more or rely on their own to explore, to understand. Here is how to write the original article and some of my original methods under the wise remark of an experienced person, the source network, I feel good and for new understanding, so borrowed.

1: why, why write this article;

first, before you have what write soft is to clear the purpose of writing this article

second, the soft point of view is not to open a new path.

can be from the following 5 points to consider:

Everything can be the source of soft

5, said: how to use some soft expression in what form expresses the timeliness of soft

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