How do high bounce rate is the core of quality optimization

then is to optimize the site structure and page design, we do not only from the angle of code optimization, keyword optimization to carry out, also need to pay attention to the user’s sensory experience, visual experience and operating experience, to make the function of the website becomes easy to use, and just perfect, page layout, color selection the contents of the layout, and have everything in good order and well arranged. "

so what cause the website jump out rate high? According to love Shanghai optimization guide information can be learned, the first is the content and title of your site has been a serious departure from many users, in order to attract the attention of users and they click, will do a very mysterious and madden title, but the content is fundamental no order optimization, cause the user to quickly close this page.

third, web page advertising content very much, opened on the pop-up ads, even "preferred display screen whose content is more advertising pages, and these pages or through GIF format, flashing is extremely high, if you look for a long time, the eyes will not stand, so naturally it is difficult to" to attract the user’s attention.

second, website open speed is very slow, after many users click on the search results page fell in love with the sea, that needs to wait for a longer time, and in the current broadband Chinese rapid development today, if open web speed need to wait more than 6 seconds, many users can only choose to leave.

fourth, web content and poor quality, the statement is not fluent, see the first paragraph let people Yunshanwuzhao, to allow the user to further understand the content of the website! "So the bounce rate to very high.

The most painful thing for us is when your website

website ranking is up, but still can not make money, but the basic reason for this phenomenon is the website jump out rate is too high, many users click on their website, immediately leave the site, advertising content did not click, even get those trick click on the way to work. Not to mention the want users to buy things on the website to get profit.

of course, in addition to a number of link error caused by the bounce rate, but no matter what kind of reason, that an important fact is that the site is completely optimized in order to optimize, do not pay attention to the user experience, the author believes that to solve the problem of website jump out rate, you need through several reasons the above view, do the following work.

is the first to optimize the site open speed, which is a prerequisite for users to browse the website of the bel cool feeling, when the user hits the Shanghai love the search results page, can immediately pop up to the corresponding web page, and click on the "internal links, can immediately pop up to the corresponding page, in the fast switching and pop-up mode. The user will love this site, and extend the residence time on the site, a solid foundation for the subsequent profit lay.

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